Friday, October 22, 2010

On site volunteer tasks for 140conf

On the day of the 140 Conference Smalltown, we will all have to work together! Luckily, we're all small town people, so we are naturally inclined to help. :)

Here is a list of volunteer tasks:
  • registration: check people in, provide materials, answer questions.
  • media assistants: help the attending media people with rooms, running, questions, etc.
  • runners: carry messages, items, go for.
  • speaker wranglers: make sure next speakers are lined up in front row, ready to go. Send runners to find anyone MIA, coordinate with registration desk as speakers check in.  
  • video operators and assistants: work with theatre staff, operate cameras, monitor sound recording. Need one person to be head/director/manager for audio/video.
  • drivers from the hotel to/from reception on Sunday night
  • drivers from hotel to theatre Monday morning
  • drivers to Cosmo Monday after the conference
  • drivers back to hotel from the Cosmo in the evening
If you can pitch in, speak up in the comments! Shellie Couch and Laura Girty have taken on wrangling volunteers, and she will be the one trying to make sense of all this. You can email them at or

I have a separate post of things that can be done from anywhere, and other things that locals can help with.


  1. I plan to drive from Texas, so I can bring my minivan and help with transportation while in Hutch.

  2. Becky,

    I would be willing to help with either Speaker Wrangling, Media Assistant or Runner.

    Let me know what you need me to do!!

    I will message you my contact info on Facebook.

    Shellie Couch

  3. Thank you, Sheila and Shellie! Shellie, I'll get with you on Facebook, and see what we can work out. :)

  4. If you are still looking for help with any kind of camera operating the day of I could help out.

  5. Absolutely, T-Rave! Please leave us your twitter name so we can get you on the list.

  6. I can help the day of the event, wrangling, registration, whatever.

  7. Odd. That's Linda.Gregory at gmail

  8. Thanks, Linda! Glad to have you. We will put you to work. :)

  9. Hello,
    I'd be happy to help with registration. Kristine Tossie

  10. Thank you, Kristine. Appreciate you volunteering.

  11. Becky, all that you have listed except video - not my best. Still photographs - I can do - and I will bring my camera - just not video... But put me on any of the other detail you want - I will be there early Sunday eve! OR better yet - I would be happy to make a running list of everyone who has volunteered and make a log of what we all can/will do for you so that will be organized!! Will work on it today! Laura

  12. Thai you, Laura! I was planning to do that list.....later! Thank you so much for jumping in to do it.

  13. Becky,
    I'm glad to help with anything that day- I'm not sure I have very good video/audio skills, but make a good go for and wrangler :)
    Let me know where you need me.


  14. If it isn't too late I can help with the registration table let me know Thanks

    PS I had to go through a lot of hoops to get care for my kid squared away so I would really like to be able to help out. I can be there the night before.