Friday, October 22, 2010

Need local volunteers for 140conf

To help coordinate all the things that need to be done for the 140 Conference Smalltown that is happening November 1, 2010, in Hutchinson, Kansas, I'm posting this list of things we need locals to help with. If you can take on a task listed below, you can speak up in the comments below.

Not local to Hutch or Kansas? I have a separate post of things that can be done from anywhere, and others that will be needed on the day of the event.

First up, I'd love to have anyone volunteer to coordinate all the volunteer stuff on this page!

Second, everyone's help is needed to promote attendance. We've reached 140 161 registered, and we're shooting for 200. Jeff is being very generous with allowing us free passes to spread around, so let's get more people there! (Here's the free pass link: Please don't blog it, but you can send it by email, DM, etc.) (Yes, I know I'm bending the "don't blog it" rule, but I want to be sure you have it to share.) 

Here are the "desperately needed" items: 
  • Connect to local/area students, educators, especially colleges. Offer free passes.
  • Wrangling box lunches: Cody knows which vendor we are working with. I need someone getting me cost numbers, finding out details, making sure it happens. Coffee, etc., for morning.  Need tuna, or Mac and cheese, or vegetarian option at lunch.
  • Sunday reception underground at salt mine. (Halloween) Need someone to see if this is possible, work with the museum. Need helpers to set up, help decorate, move stuff, acquire stuff. Invite locals, VIPs and speakers. Open bar/beer/cocktail? Costumes? Glow-y things? Need drivers to get people from hotel to salt mine.  @jillivinilly is on top of it!   
  • Monday reception at Cosmo: need someone to take charge of making this fun, work with Patsy at Cosmo.   
  • Rides to and from the airport: If you can help, email We'll need to: Pick up Jeff and party (three people total) at airport on October 30. (Jeff is renting a car, so this isn't needed.) Pick up others at airport as they arrive, probably Oct. 31. Return everyone to airport on Nov 2. (We aren't getting many requests for rides, so I think we are more than covered here.) 
Here are the "nice to have" items: 
  • Gifts for speakers? Something local, and easy to transport. (some speakers are flying in.) Arrange delivery to hotels, or bring to the event, which ever works better. @jillivinilly is on top of it! 
  • Stage furniture: find a furniture store willing to loan some comfy chairs, couch, coffee table and lamps for the stage. See Detroit's stage for an example. Optional: standing tables for outer lobby? @jillivinilly is on top of it!
  • Bring a USA map for lobby: let attendees mark their hometown with thumbtacks. Will need a stiff cardboard backing. (We have people coming from all over, and it sounded like a fun idea.) 
  • Does the mayor want to do a quick welcome? Who can find out and make that happen? (I'm not looking for a stand in, or another lower ranking person. I just want to offer it to the mayor, same as Detroit.) 
Thank you for getting involved! If you don't see something that you are worried might be missed, let me know in the comments!

Seriously, thank you all for helping.


  1. Becky, we can handle the Sunday reception at the salt museum, no problem. @jillivinilly and @JerrodK and @650feetDown.
    What's the budget?

  2. Great!! I'd say you can spend $250. Let me know if that is unreasonable. I'm still trying to wrangle enough donations to keep this a just-barely-for-profit event. (or at least NOT go in the hole!)

  3. What time do you think the reception should start?

  4. In Detroit, it ran 7:00pm to 8:30pm (actually more like 9:30)

  5. I can probably help with some stuff but it will be conditional on the kiddos, as usual. And Sunday being Halloween, we're obliged to trick or treat. Saturday we might have a cookout, of course you're invited!

  6. What time is the airport pick up on Saturday? - if it's anytime after 1:00 p.m. I have a small SUV, comfortable for me and three other adults that I'm happy to do the Wichita airport run. You can email me at or call me on cell 785-424-0444.

  7. Naomi, thanks! A cookout sounds great!

    Dotty, I will let you know just as soon as I find out.