Monday, October 24, 2011

Podcasts of the 140 Characters Conference SmallTown

"One benefit of not offering speakers the ability to share slides is a much more engaging speaker. And almost all of the time this also means it doesn't have to shared as a video. The talks are that good." --Jeff Pulver

So, Jeff decided to rescue some more of the audio we captured using photos of speakers or the video, if it was available. So here are a whole bunch more videos from 140 Conference Small Town.

Shellie Couch, "Living with Joy in the State of Now" -

Tomi Ann Foust, "Start Something -

MB Linder, "Creating a Community of Cooperative Competitors" -

Mark Vierthaler, "Using Your Company for Social Good" -

Val Wagner, "Not a Mommy Blogger, but a Farmmy Blogger" -

Janice Person, "Becoming a Content Expert on Twitter" -

Leslie McLellan, "For Small Town Tourism, Social Media is like Winning the Lottery" -

Douglas E Stewart, "Small Town: Big Ideas" -

Ron J Williams, "In We we trust" -

Kevin Honeycutt, "Our kids will spend the rest of their lives in the future" -

Dennis Deery, "Population 485" to "Eastern Standard Tribe" -

Todd Randall Jordan, "Bring a tweep to lunch"

Bill Genereux, "Raising Digital Media Literate Kids" -

Fernando Fonseca, "Activism: Using social media for crisis management" -

Jennifer White, "Getting the message out locally about human trafficking" -

James Lowe, "Media for IN THE NOW!" -

Laura Girty, "Techno Challenged Mom goes Viral to Help Son" -

Kate Canterbury and Scott Wendling, "Taking your relationships offline" -

Greg Falken and Deb Brown, "Bringing the 140 Characters Conference Home"

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