Sunday, October 02, 2011


Just a weed in the pasture.The maddening thing about this drought:
It might end next year.
It might persist for ten years. Ten years.

Just ten months of it has weighed me down, like a physical weight I carry everywhere. We have 40 cows and their babies depending on us. It is better, at least a bit, since the 100 degree heat broke.

Because there is no hay available to buy, we've arranged for a local guy to bale some of our scant grass. We're going to sacrifice grazing now for a few bales we can feed later, in the depths of winter. We are almost out of water in that pasture, so the cows have to move anyway.

Except the guy cut some of the grass, but decided it wasn't worth baling. But he thinks he has some of his own he can sell to us.

It ain't all cute calves and pretty pictures. It's also heart wrenching decisions.

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