Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Small town people

Just because I'm from a small town, that doesn't make me a small person.

When someone asked,
"How did you ever develop that stage presence in such a small town?"
Characteristically, I answered with, "I'm just that good."

Turns out, the asker of that question was advised to get out and perform every night to improve her stage presence. She wondered how I could do it with a limited number of venues to work. OK, so that may have been a reasonable question. But there is this other one:

"How did you get interested in technology from such a small town?"
I've been known to answer, "You know, we have electricity and everything."

I used to get asked that one all the time at SXSW and BlogWorld. Now enough people know me that they don't ask anymore. When pressed, many of the askers would say they just wondered what got me interested. I didn't notice them asking anyone else that question.

Being from a small town doesn't mean I'm small minded or have small ambitions. It just means I'm from a small town.

Becky McCray
Inside the barn.
Photo by Rebekah Workman


  1. Love it! You are anything but small minded. You are #BiggerThanThat.

  2. Thank you, Frank. (Frank and I are reminding each other to let go of what needs letting go of, to not give up too easily, and generally be #BiggerThanThat.)