Monday, November 24, 2008

Be thankful for social media connections

My friend Joanna Young is the author of Confident Writing. She is from Edinburgh, Scotland, and we met in Chicago, at SOBCon08. This morning, she shared some wonderful thoughts on Twitter, and I've captured them.

There's a group writing project running this week on 7 things I am thankful for - by @lgedeon

I don't have space on my blog to write a post this week, so I'm going to tweet mine instead... Coming up.

I've also given mine a social media focus: 7 social media things I'm thankful for 

1. The opportunity to learn each day from material freely shared, generously given, in this place we call the blogosphere
2. Learning, joyfully, with a most unusual and entertaining set of authors at JJL

3. Flickr. The chance to share a window on my world, and peek into yours. Not to mention the positive feedback people there give you. [Find Joanna at Flickr.]

4. The creativity, inspiration, learning, nonsense and fun that comes from conversations with all of you on Twitter

5. Knowing a community of people who'll go out of their way to do something like project comment 100 for a friend 

6. My blog readers. Where'd I be without them?

7. Having a network of friends online who have become just that: friends. Thank you.
I'm thankful to have made friends like Joanna from all over, and introduced them to my little field here in Oklahoma. (Joanna asked about the title, Out Standing in My Field. Behind my house is a real wheat field. When I took a picture sitting in it, I decided to use that old pun for the title of my personal blog.)

Photo by Joanna Young, used under a Creative Commons License.


  1. yeah Becky! yeah Joanna!

    And, I am thankful for those connections.

  2. Wow! That was fast!

    Thanks for capturing these. I will be linking to this post on Thursday.

  3. Becky, I was so touched that you put this up for me. Thank you.

    And I love both the word play of out standing in my field... and the thought of you there, watching the world, feet firmly on the ground.