Sunday, October 04, 2009

I'm ready for my close up

Entrepreneur magazine interviewed me. 
You remember: the one where I tweeted this afterward: "I am on the phone being interviewed. I am trying to sound smart. I stick my hand in my pocket. I trigger my car alarm. #iamadoofus."

They want a picture of me.  
OK, I guess. I thought I was a small part of the article.

They are sending a photographer.  
Oh, maybe it will be Rebekah Workman from Perry, Okla., an hour and a half away who came for the Oklahoma Today story that they never used. She was great!

From New York.  
.....?...... Really?  .....

Do they know where Oklahoma is? 
Do they know it's three hours drive after you fly in?

He needs directions from the airport to Alva.  

He wants a picture of me on the farm: "Would it be possible to place you in a field twittering? Something vast and expansive with you in the middle would fantastic!"
Oh, we've got vast and expansive. We practically specialize in vast and expansive.

I'll let you know how it all turns out.


  1. So let me know if the photographer (from New York) is freaking out from all the dust on his car after that three hour drive.

    Better yet, let me know if he makes it there.

    And let me know when the article goes live so I can tell all my friends " look at this! That's MY friend Becky!"


  2. OMG! I am so-o-o-o-o proud!

    If Deb thinks "That's MY friend, Becky!" can carry some weight, just wait until the world gets a load of "That's MY BABY!"

    Congratulations, girl. You deserve it. Wonderful. Amazing woman that you are. WOW!

    (Will you still speak to me once you are even more famous than you are now?)

  3. No, no, no, gals, you're supposed to be laughing at the silliness! We're even going to make him ride in the farm truck, just to be sure he gets the "full" experience.

  4. Maybe you can get a "big" truck with a flat bed and make him ride on that.

    Or maybe we can borrow some horses from Tom & "ride" down!

    Or Kay (Coffman) Campbell has some draft horses (I think) & maybe we could find a buggy or a wagon.

    I don't know any real Indians anymore, but maybe we could get some Mexicans to sub and plan a "raid."

    How far do you want to take this?

  5. We had fun with it. I took him all over the farm and got some good shots. I think he said there were 10 he really liked. We even let him feed cubes to some calves by hand. :)
    Joe snapped a few photos, so watch for the follow up soon.