Sunday, November 20, 2011

The grammar of signs

As we were driving across Fort Wayne, Jon Swanson pointed out a road sign.

You have to know that the ones on the right side of the road apply to you, and the ones on the left usually don't, he said. You have to know the grammar of signs.

It reminded me of the way Liz Strauss looks at things.

And I was reminded of this when I saw that Shashi Bellamkonda's son is learning a grammar of signs, too.

A have a traffic sign painter at home

Is there, I wonder, a grammar of friendship?

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  1. Thank you becky. I am proud of my son and when I am showed him that his picture had made it to your blog, he was proud of me ;) Now please stand by for a barrage of signs that may come your way.

    Thanks for being a great friend.