Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video interviews from 140 Characters Conference Small Town

Oklahoma Horizon crew
Alisa Hines and Rob McClendon
chilling in the balcony at 140Conf
Oklahoma Horizon journalists Rob McClendon and Alisa @bulldoghines came to the 140 Characters Conference Small Town in Hutchinson, and recorded some great interviews. Horizon put together a special episode on social media, and have been incorporating interviews into episodes on other topics. As they come out, I'll add them here.

Horizon airs on OETA and on RFD-TV. You can also find them on Twitter as OKHorizonTV.

A big round of applause to Rob and Alisa for covering 140 Conf! We hope to see you again this year, September 20.

140 Characters Conference Overview
For anyone who uses Twitter each message is limited to 140 characters. Which is how the 140 Conference got its name. It’s a place where developers, business people, and enthusiasts converge to find innovative ways to tap into the real time web.
140Conf overview transcript - Oklahoma Horizon show page 140conf overview

Jeff Pulver
Jeff Pulver, the organizer of the 140 Conference, discusses all things Twitter.
Jeff Pulver transcript - Oklahoma Horizon show page: Jeff Pulver

Simran Sethi
Emmy award winning journalist and Kansas University professor, Simran Sethi discusses what social media means for journalism ethics.
Simran Sethi transcript - Oklahoma Horizon show page: Simran Sethi

Kevin Honeycutt
Kevin Honeycutt, a longtime educator and social media proponent, talks about introducing new technology into the classroom.
Kevin Honeycutt transcript - Oklahoma Horizon show page: Kevin Honeycutt

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