Thursday, October 08, 2009

The big shoot

Photo shootHow did the big photo shoot go? Well, it was quite cool and windy Tuesday, but it turned out to be the only day this week it didn't rain.

Photographer David Lang came in from Boston, where he was shooting my friend Laura "@Pistachio" Fitton for the same article. When she asked him where he was headed next, he said Oklahoma. Laura said, "Oh, Becky!" Kinda surprised David, because he seldom shoots people who know each other.

We let him feed some cubes to the calves by hand. He loved it. He got slimed, but he loved it.

With that cold breeze, Joe and David huddled in their jackets. I mostly toughed it out. :) 

Photo shoot
David agrees that the old barn is photogenic. He loved everyplace we took him. I think he would have stayed to shoot all day, given the option.

Joe shot some pics of the whole photo shoot, and I snapped this one of David on the gate for a Twitpic.  Photographer from NYC on Twitpic

We told him to eat at Eischen's Bar in Okarche. Being a good former Southern boy, he filled up on fried chicken and fried okra before catching his flight home.

Watch for the article and David's photo in the December Entrepreneur magazine.

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  1. The article is out. They actually used two of David's pictures. All in all, it was fun. :)

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