Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Touring Hutchinson with a bunch of bloggers

Hutch 189
Hutchinson, Kansas , has much more to offer than the usual small town. They have a space museum affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. They have an amazing historic theatre, restored to glory. And bunches more.

To promote themselves all over, they have group of bloggers touring their town today and tomorrow. Expect lots of exciting reports here, there, and everywhere, as we start sharing our experiences.

Here's the list of who all, besides me, is here:
Sheila Scarborough - Blog: , Twitter: @SheilaS 
Cindy Stanford - Twitter: @WichitaCindy 
Todd Vogts - Blog: , Twitter: @ToddVogts
Deb Brown - Blog: , Twitter: @DebWorks 
Naomi Shapiro - Blog: 
Bill Genereux - Blog: , Twitter: @BillGX
Jeanne Cole - Twitter: @OkieJ

And you can read our full schedule over at What's Up Hutch ? 

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