Monday, February 02, 2009

Ames, Oklahoma: astroblemes and race cars

Ames, Oklahoma, is a tiny town of 199 people in Major County, in Northwest Oklahoma. It's worth the 10 mile detour south of Highway 412.

One reason is the new Ames Astrobleme Museum. It's a tiny open air installation that explains about an ancient asteroid strike and how it affected oil production in the area.
Ames Astrobleme Museum

There are information panels and a six minute video.
Ames Astrobleme Museum

Right next door is a veterans' memorial, including a massive airplane prop, an anchor, a memorial statue, a jet and a tank. It's the busiest little memorial anywhere.
Ames Veterans Memorial

The other museum is completely different. Race cars! I didn't get a chance to stop in on my last trip, but I hear he has a huge collection of NASCAR, with a respectable group of NHRA funny cars, and lots more.

Plus the Ames murals are fun and historical, kinda folksy. Drive down the main drag and browse through them.
Mural of Ames first town meetingMural Ames Established 1901Downtown Ames - Mural

Impressive for a town of fewer than 200.

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