Monday, July 07, 2008

TweetDeck works for me

I use Twitter. A lot. Because I gather good ideas, links, quotes, and friends there. And since I'm following over 600 people, I could use some tools to make it work better. I had just started using the IM feature to get automatic updates from everyone, when Twitter disabled it.

I've tried Twhirl and Snitter, and wasn't satisfied with either. But after a couple of days, TweetDeck has become a favorite. It's another desktop Twitter app that runs on the Adobe Air platform.

You get more than one column, so I can have the main stream, replies, and a group of friends all on screen at once. That groups feature is a huge thing. I can put people into any kind of group I want, and watch them in their own column.

I don't like the white text on black, but I don't see any way to change preferences or settings. I hope that's on its way.

And how do I favorite a tweet? No idea. And I favorite a lot. Hundreds.

But it does make it easier to keep up through the replies and the groups. Nice.


  1. TweetDeck sounds really interesting! I'll try it out, too. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. What would you think about a bunch of us organizing a one-day, statewide blogging workshop for Oklahoma women? I think we have a lot to teach one abother. It would be fun to actually all be inthe same room for once. And I KNOW I have a lot to learn!

    Just a thought...