Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Without mentioning any names

We're trying to create a birthday surprise for a certain person, but don't want him to get wind of it. To show how much he has played a part in our lives, in many people's lives, we're doing a photo project.

Here's the way you play along. Print out a photo of his face, and take it with you somewhere in your daily life, whether office, or car or whatever. Shoot a pic of you and him, and then post it to our group Flickr account. Kinda silly, but it is a way of demonstrating how we all feel each other's presence when we twitter or follow, blog, etc., no matter far apart we are.

You can email your photos to press07clear@photos.flickr.com. The subject line is used as the title of your photo, and the body of the email is used as the description, so feel free to include a little message. PLEASE don't put his name anywhere in the email! Well, first name is OK, but leave that Google-Alert-trigger last name off!

If you have problems or questions ask Jon jnswanson@gmail.com or Becky beckymccray@gmail.com

Want to see the other contributions? http://www.flickr.com/photos/mayor2008/

The big day is Tuesday, April 8. Pass it along to friends, but be careful not to blog or Twitter it publicly!

Ready? Go!

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