Monday, January 01, 2024

#My3Words 2024: Collect, Synthesize, Share

Collect, Synthesize, Share: My 3 Words 2024.

I've never done #My3Words like Chris Brogan always does. Until now! (dramatic music cue)

I kinda accidentally picked Collect, Synthesize, Share. These three came up in a conversation to describe how I process ideas from conversations and events, and it's flexible enough to cover other interpretations. 

Gather ideas through conversations, events and reading widely. 
Gather in person.
Follow the concepts in the Collect. (the good ones, anyway)  

Put ideas together in new ways.

Publish more content.
Share what I have with others, be generous. 

My well rounded life list is still my guide for more than a year. It's not been as strongly motivating lately, so perhaps this will help revitalize how I feel about it. 

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