Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Our eco friendly answer to Memorial Day Flowers: succulents

My sister Connie Foote and I decorated family graves together. We would not consider using fake flowers. We just couldn't see generating more trash.
Last year we planted some flowering plants from the local nursery, but we knew the grounds keepers would be mowing them down soon.

This year we are trying succulents, like stonecrop.
When my farm store brought out their plants at the first of the season, they had some stonecrop and sedum varieties that they labeled "thrives on neglect." That sounded perfect! So I bought nearly all the little ones they had.
We planted them in the flower urns or even in cracks in the ground alongside headstones.
We're hoping that they will be able to survive throughout the year without watering or any care.
We had a few of the tiny plants left over, and I divided them into new pots. I have enough to do all the graves next year even if none of the existing plants survive.
It's an experiment, and I will update you!

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  1. Thanks for this idea; I've wanted to take something to my Dad's site, but it doesn't get much water and as a Master Gardener, he'd not appreciate straggly dead plants around him. 😊 Will look into some hardy succulents.