Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Clean Slate - Not my 3 words for the year

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My friend Chris came up with the idea of using three words to guide your year. It's good. Lots of people like it.

I like how he builds flexibility into the words. They can mean multiple things, have multiple layers of meaning.

I've never done it. But I have this phrase rolling around in my head lately, and I think I should share it. I repeat it in my head several times a day for different things.

Clean slate.

Each day, I start with a clean slate nutritionally. No matter what I ate yesterday, today I can choose to stick with my personal guidelines.

Each day, I start with a clean slate of work. When I pick my 6 Most Important Things to work on tomorrow, I can choose what really is most important.

Clean slate.

So it's not really a 3 words thing, but it's what's going on in my head as we start a new year.

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