Sunday, April 07, 2013

Your invitation

County Line Barbecue
I was just catching up with a friend today.

"Why weren't you at the big conference? It wasn't far for you to travel," I asked.

"Nobody invited me," he said.

We all feel like that, don't we? We want someone to invite us, to make us feel welcome, feel special. People like to be asked. I can think of a couple of ways I've let this feeling stop me from something good.

Lesson One. Invite them all, one by one. 
If you run an event, any event, remember that you need to personally invite everyone you can think of. You have to ask them, one by one. Maybe they'll come anyway, but people like to be asked.

Lesson Two. Don't wait for your invitation. 
If you haven't been personally invited, stop waiting. Invite yourself. Yes, it's normal to want to be invited, but that's a poor reason to miss anything.

Take this as your invitation.

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