Monday, April 02, 2012

Promoting Small Town Rules, out standing in my field

After three years of work, Barry Moltz and I have finally come to the official release of Small Town Rules, our book on what all business can learn from small town business.

While Barry lives in Chicago (population about 2.7 million) and I live in Hopeton, Oklahoma, (population about 30), we do share some common characteristics.

We both are entrepreneurs. Barry has had three businesses of his own. I started my first business in junior high school, and have been creating businesses ever since.

We both talk openly about success and failure. We've both been fired and gone out of business. Barry has been kicked out of business by his own partners, and he sold his last business during the Internet bubble of 1999. I have run for public office and lost, started businesses that went no where, and succeeded in building stable businesses in times of intense economic turmoil.

To promote the book, we're spending all week talking about it everywhere we can. In fact, we'll be doing that for considerably longer than a week.

I just had to share one of my promotional videos with you, since it's me out standing in my (neighbor's) field.

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