Monday, January 30, 2012

iPads in Agriculture

Great article in Fast Company's Co-Exist about how ag in developing countries is adopting the iPad.

The cool factor, the ease of use, the compact size all make it a natural for data collection, training, and instant research, the article says, profiling farmers in Peru and other developing countries.

However, the overly-broad title stopped me. "Can The iPad Revolutionize Rural Agriculture?"

This was a story about developing world agriculture, not about rural agriculture. Say what you mean. Consider this part of my campaign against stereotypes.

Not that the iPad isn't making a difference in developed world ag. My brother in law uses an iPad to get commodity quote updates in the field. He was using a smartphone, but he loves the large screen size of the iPad.

Farming the terrace
A farm in Peru built on ancient terraces, photographed in 2008. 

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