Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going solar

Mr. McCray up the tower.

This old windmill was on a very unstable old tower. The pump itself had needed repairs for a couple of years. Because of the drought, we need to get cattle back on this place. So instead of repairing the old windmill again, we decided to go solar.

Speaking as someone who has to climb windmill towers, too, I was just fine with this.
Tweeting from the top of the windmill tower.

We've converted one other old well to solar, but this was the first time we took down the old tower. I knew you'd want to see, too.

Actually, that came down easier than I thought it would. Hey, I was just up there! 

Here's the first step of the solar pump installation, temporarily anchored to the post hole diggers (with the red handles) until we get the fence up and the tank in place. 

Why solar? Well, it uses plastic pipe and a very lightweight pump, so the well is easier to pull up in case repairs are needed. And it does not require the tower, which in this case, we were perfectly willing to part with! 

Our two remaining windmills are on good, solid towers, so I think they have long and useful future in front of them pumping water so thirsty calves can drink.

Jan 29 2012:
Here's the finished installation, with the panels up to keep cattle away from the solar panel and well, and the tanks installed.
Here's the finished solar pump installation.

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