Monday, February 07, 2011

Bubby is doing better

The calf is growing stronger each day.

He's looking better!He can stand up and will walk around a bit. Not running and jumping like a normal calf yet. 

He is eating well, though about 2/3 of what a normal calf would at this point. He even tries to lick himself. But his upper lip is still swollen on one side, and the torn bottom lip is permanent. 

His breathing is much, much easier. He still has a bit of a head cold, though, and his gut isn't working quite right yet. If that will straighten up, he should continue to get well. 

We're calling him Bubbles. Scott Townsend started it by calling him Bubby.

Checking the herd the last couple of days, we think we know which heifer was his momma. She's healthy, but won't be able to take him back, unfortunately. So looks like we'll be raising him by bottle and bucket for the next several months. Come on by; you can help with the feedings.


  1. It's so great to see him doing better, I'm rooting for you Bubbles. And if we lived close by you can bet I would come by to help with the feedings. Thanks for giving us the update!

  2. I am so happy with this great progress report. You are so wonderful to give Bubbles a second chance at life. Thank you.

  3. "Tiny Bubbles" has "Huge Love" from you and all of us :) Yeah! ...

  4. Hi Becky, great to hear about Bubby. Thanks for keeping us updated!