Thursday, April 08, 2010

Before he was Chris Brogan

Before he was Chris-Brogan-name-in-lights, before the New York Times bestselling book, before New Marketing Labs, before Pulver and VON, even before PodCamp, Chris Brogan was the first person to take any interest in me and my little attempt at blogging, and he changed my life.

Back in February 2006, I had been blogging for less than two months, and I was searching for other small business blogs. Chris wrote an interesting view of small business, called "Not Free Agents. Guild Members!" I wrote a replying post with the same title. Chris followed up with a comment. He started a discussion and ultimately a friendship.

From 50 to 50,000
The very next day, February 23, 2006, Chris posted that he had reached 50 subscribers. Yesterday, April 7, 2010, he reached 50,000. Today is his birthday. (No, not his 50th; his 40th. Blame Chris for messing up the good pattern we had going there.)

Throughout 2006, Chris encouraged me to do more, to learn more, to stretch and grow. I encouraged him with small business advice. We launched a podcast together, the Great Big Small Business Show, part of his content network, Grasshopper New Media. Four years later, we still have the archives of the Great Big Small Business Show, and there are half a dozen of us who still call ourselves Great BS'ers and Grasshoppers.

Chris brought me in to his online circle of Boston friends. You know them now as influential leaders in marketing, video, business, etc. Chris introduced me to Jon Swanson, who excels at changing lives. He has introduced me to lots of people, even when I'm not there in person. He's an outstanding connector of people.

SXSWTuesday 065
At SXSW 2008
We didn't actually meet in person until 2008. Since then, we've been at several conferences a year together. We've shared a few meals, a few beverages, a lot of drives, and lots of stories. We talk online, and Tweet, and email, and Wave. We still talk business. He still encourages me to learn and grow, especially when I think I know it all.

Thank you, Chris, for all you do, for being my friend.

Happy birthday.

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  1. I somehow missed this post 6 months ago. Holy cow. You make me so humbled, by recounting our story together. I'm so glad to know you, and happy that we have added even more meals and drives since this post.

    You're a hero to me.