Saturday, May 03, 2008

Do you do your homework?

How well do you prepare before events? Do you study, read over, put things in writing before you get there?

I'm sitting at (Successful Outstanding Bloggers Conference) 2008, and I may be the only one here with pages of homework. I studied the agenda, and tried to bring some completed work on each planning element we would be covering.

I know you don't have time. You have to make time and choose to do the right thing and do the thing right.

Who else took the challenge?
Jon Swanson "people"
Tojosan "Blog post in 2 minutes"
Rick Mahn - "Why Chris Garrett does not suck at speaking"
Kristen King "SOBCon08 in Chicago: Holy Moly, this is awesome"
Wendy Piersall "Can You Write a Valuable Blog Post in 5 Minutes?"
Matt Murphy "Chris Garrett (more)"
Chris Brogan "5 Minute Blog Post"

Virtual participant via Twitter:
Owlbert "Stop being a lemming and start being a leader"


  1. Hope you're having fun. I'm too busy being a successful blogger to go to conventions (smirk!). FWIW, I find the most important time is just after a conference. Within days my memory of what's happened, who I met, ideas that sprung up and follow-ups I wanted to do all start slipping away. If I can just carve out a few hours in the craziness of airports and post-travel laundry to write everything down and get a follow-up plant, it makes the conference twice as valuable.

  2. Martin, terrific points. And very timely for me. Thanks!

  3. Woot! I've been blogged. Becky, it was so incredible to meet you. I had blast and the under 5 minute post was a great idea. Folks had some fun with that.

    As to Martin's points, I agree. I'm considering taking one more day off work just to get my head together. Tonight might be lost to that as my wife and I have a bit of catching up to do.

    I have lots of takeaways and need now to get some action going. :)

    Tae care.

  4. Todd, it was terrific to meet you, too! I'm thinking I'll carve out time this week for some follow up thinking, and maybe a few well-placed emails, also. :)