Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The conference with no speakers

What if we held a conference with no speakers?

We could all spend time thinking and planning.

We could choose to talk with someone when it would help, or be quiet and focus, or some of each.

We could spend a day, or two, on the things we just don't get to, otherwise.

We could invite some really smart folks to act as mentors, to walk around and help people who are feeling stuck.

We could do all of this away from home, away from distraction, and with each other for company.

Is that a retreat? Would you join us?


  1. I like what you're saying. The benefit of a conference is in the people you meet, rarely the presentations you see. (Nothing new, there.) Count me in, if the budget allows.

  2. I am in...

    i really like the concept and agree that the vast majority of benefit ever gained at a conference is in the people not the presenters.

    I would recommend we find someone who has access to bunch of liquor so the evening will be fun as well.

    Jeez I am kidding I just can't resist those jokes Becky.

    Not kidding about the idea I love it>>>

  3. I think you might be on to something Becky. The location would have to be nice enough to entice, boring enough not to distract. Aruba/Cancun, great attraction, too much distraction.

    I agree with Zane, conferences are always about who you meet, information shared and connections made so further sharing can happen when you return and need something again in the future.

    I like it!

  4. A new venue without formal speakers-less pressure on people who you might still invite but would be there to have informal group discussions.

    Some retreats let you choose different groups to join.

    I'd add meditation and some relaxing exercise like qigong or yoga to give people something extra.

    Also, maybe add something on healthy eating :)

  5. I think it is an outstanding idea. However, what about having one or two speakers a day. Say over lunch or dinner. But, I am fine with no speakers too. Or do it like an unconference where those attending do the program as it moves forward. Damn, I hate it when I am writing and ideas just come out.

  6. Thank you all for being interested!

    We can add something fun to an evening for Cody ...

    We can add some "quiet time" activities for Myrna ...

    We can keep it affordable, for all of us...

    We can do it someplace fun, but not too fun... (hint: something like this)

    We can have one speaker, to help us focus, like Grant said... (We'll make Zane be the speaker!)

  7. Becky - I'm in!
    This is a great idea, and the people interested in such a retreat/unconference would be able to share things that help each other do what we need to do.

    Let's see where this idea goes - I'm available to assist making it happen.

    Great idea Becky!


  8. i like the speaker during lunch.
    make sure there is coffee.
    and call it a conference/retreat.

  9. OK, Jon wants coffee... check. (but I knew that already) :)

    Rick, glad to have your offer of help. I *will* take you up on that.