Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happiness is ... loving where you live

Living in a tiny town.

A house with windows, and views of trees, grass, and fields, instead of my old view of other houses, a parking lot and the highway. (OK, I can still see a highway from here, but much less traffic.)

Having pecan, apple, pear, redbud and more and more trees. Spring is a procession of flowering and budding.

Neighbors? What neighbors?

Walking all the way across town to the bank, catching up on local political opinion, and walking all the way back. In 10 minutes.

Modern plumbing and wiring. (ok, 40 years old is modern, compared to the 1920's farmhouse we moved out of.)

Air conditioning.

We've been living here a year now, and I could go on, and on. But just wanted to take time to celebrate with you. And borrowing Rick Mahn's idea of a Happiness is... series.


  1. Hi Becky, sounds like a wonderful day. I could almost see that small town and what fun it'd be to stroll around enjoying spring blooming all around.


  2. Thanks, Rick. Glad to have started some good conversations with you lately!